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Kinklusive - 12 Nov 05


Kinklusive 2005 was a weekend celebration of BDSM and Fetish in Manchester that took place on Friday 11th November to Sunday 13th November 2005. Kinklusive aims to be genuinely pansexual in scope, and to reflect the diversity of Manchester's Straight, Lesbian, Bi and Gay BDSM / Fetish / Leather scenes.

The detailed programme shows everything that went on; we produced an interactive map to see where the different city centre venues and shops were; and a page about visiting Manchester for people coming from outside the area.

The weekend kicked off on the Friday night with the official Kinklusive launch party at Manchester's Club Lash, in its 9th year.

Confirmed workshop and speech topics for the Saturday daytime event were Wax Play; Flogging; Strap-ons; Government Proposals to Ban Possession of SM Images; Bondage with Steel, Wood and Leather; Playing with Fear; BDSM and Employment Law; Interrogation; Transformations: Drag Kings & TV/CD's; BDSM intros; the work of the Spanner Trust; Body Modification; Singletail whips; and Women doing Rope Bondage.

The Kinklusive Saturday after-party was at Nemesis near Huddersfield, and then it was back to Manchester city centre on Sunday for the Kinklusive Klinic, covering medical play topics such as urethral sounds, catheters, cutting, needles, sutures and staples. There was also a chance to chill out at a Sunday version of Manchester Munch in the Village.

All in all it was a great success, with almost 300 people packing in to Legends for the key event on Saturday, and we received a huge amount of positive feedback in weblogs and forum posts from the people who came.

Our credits page for 2005 thanks all the people who made it possible.

  © 2005  Kinklusive  
Kinklusive - a celebration of BDSM and Fetish in Manchester, 11-13 November 2005